Vastu Shastra

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vastu_shastra_tips-770x586There are so many things to consider when buying a new home that one might not even pay attention to the direction a home is facing. Instead, most pay attention to things such as location, type of home they are buying, living area, and lot size. Well today with so many Asians in the new home buying market, it seems more and more people are paying closer attention to the direction a home sits.

As new home builders, we have actually seen some new homebuyers get out their compasses on their Smart Phones in order to determine which direction their new home will face. The direction of a home is considered quite important to some cultures and they will look to Vastu Shastra for help.

When considering which way a home faces, sunlight becomes an important factor. Typically a home facing south will get sun for most of the day, while on the other hand, Vastu Shastra says that a home facing north will draw more positive energy into it.

Many Asian buyers will consider Vastu Shastra when buying a new home. According to Wikipedia, Vastu Shastra is an old ancient doctrine that translates to “Science of Architecture” or “The Science of Dwelling.” It says that one should consider the laws of nature and how these laws affect a person living in a particular home. Because of that, a home’s direction becomes extremely important. A home built adhering to Vastu Shastra should keep the negative energy away and bring peace, success, supreme powers, holiness and opulence to the dwellers of the home.

Vastu Shastra implies that a home facing north will attract a wide range of positive energy that will create healthy vibrations and ensure prosperity for the people living in the home. Some Asians will still buy a new home that does face north, but will look to Vastu Shastra for remedies to overcome the fact that the home does not face north.