Team Hilary or Team David???

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We’ve all seen the television show ‘Love It or List It’ on HGTV. Homeowners offer designer, Hilary Farr, a budget that’s expected to transform their current house into their dream home. Hilary must redesign their living space to convince the homeowners that they “love it” and want to stay in their current location. Meanwhile, Real Estate Agent David Visentin shows them homes for sale that already meet their needs, enticing the homeowners to “list it” and leave their old house behind. Most people sway toward one solution or the other. Let’s consider what our associations mean.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

If you have very few emotional ties to your home and are compelled to get out of dodge, you might root for team David. David is all about the numbers and seems to be quite rational when making decisions.  On the other hand, if you can’t imagine moving out of your established neighborhood and want to stay at any cost, you’ll likely choose team Hilary. Hilary seems to be more of an emotional decision maker and displays a flair for the dramatic. Most people fall into this category, as we are highly emotional beings.

Humans form strong emotional ties to their primary residence, as this is where we spend the majority of our lives. Over the years, memories are made in our everyday surroundings and the thought of leaving could literally make us sick.  A majority of homeowners can’t imagine moving away from their established neighborhood – it’s where the kids grew up. The thought of leaving friends, neighbors, schools, places of worship, etc. can be unbearable for these folks. Other homeowners simply want to watch the seeds they’ve planted come to fruition. If you find that you’re emotionally tied to your home’s current location, you likely root for team Hilary and want nothing more than to “love it.”

The Solution

Fortunately, we have the perfect solution for Farr fans (which seems to be the majority of us)… American Housing Builders can demolish your old, dilapidated structure and build the personalized new home of your dreams, using quality construction and affordable style.

Customize a brand-new home at your current location. Our homes are elevated above the flood plain and strictly adhere to Florida’s stringent building, energy and safety codes. A complete build generally takes about 6 months. Our experienced team will handle the home building process from start to finish and keep you abreast of the progress. American Housing Builders will:

  1. Create your dream home by customizing your floor plan.
  2. Pull the proper permits and submit plans to the municipalities.
  3. Demolish your old house and prepare the lot for your new home.
  4. Help you choose your favorite paint colors and materials.
  5. Provide upgraded material choices upon request.
  6. Construct your reinforced concrete block home to current code.
  7. Obtain your Certificate of Occupancy and deliver your dream home.

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