Talking to Realtors as a Realtor


American Housing has always had a good working relationship with Realtors and Real Estate Professionals. Our new home sales staff will work with you and your client in whatever capacity you feel comfortable with in order to find the right new home for them.

It has been exciting to see the market improve and like you, we want to see this trend continue. By working together, we can put more money in your pocket by making your clients aware of the many benefits of buying a New Home.

A New Home will provide your buyer with a home where they will not have to worry about a defective appliance, a defective air conditioning system or a defective roof for many years to come. A New Home will also provide your buyer with many energy efficient features that will save them money every month. Their new American Housing home will also meet the new hurricane codes and they will get a 2-10 Home Buyers’ Warranty for their peace of mind, and yours.

You will find working with American Housing Builders II to be easy and quite enjoyable. Your buyer will get to choose the home they want with features of their choosing.  Most importantly, they can do this through FHA, VA or Conventional financing and we will be there to assist your buyers from the very beginning to move-in day.

We know that you, as a Realtor, work hard for your money and that is why we will not ask you wait until the home is finished for you to get paid your commission. In fact, you will be paid before construction ever begins.

So, to recap the advantages of selling a new American Housing home, your buyer gets a new home with all of the new home benefits, we work with your buyer from beginning to end and you get paid your money without having to wait. It is a win, win for everyone involved.

You can contact Jim Pelosi with American Housing Realty at 727-546-6611 or call him directly on his cell phone at 727-458-6296. You can also email him at